Read online • February 2016 Volume 3, Issue 2

Mid-Winter Gardeners

Love and Reproduction Plant Gallery

Read on!As biological organisms, we've evolved innate impulses to couple up, copulate, and tenderly care for the result. These core urges, combined with our 'clever' brains have led to some speculative use of plants to facilitate the attainment of amorous goals...

Garden Elixirs: Wildflower and Herb Infused Oils

Read on!Flowers and herbs are more than just plants, they are a sustainable resource providing endless benefits for people: from flavors in the kitchen to medical relief. Essential and infused oils have made a breakthrough on to the market in recent years but did you know you can make your own...

Winter Gardening for Kids

Read on!At some point, the kids come in from the snow, rosy-cheeked and craving hot cocoa, generally beaming and pooped. But as the winter drags on, the snow gets crusty, dirty, and the late winter’s chill really has a bite. So, the doldrums set in…

On the Lab Bench... Breaking Milkweed Dormancy

Read on!An update from our laboratory, on our extensive search for the best way to break milkweed seed dormancy.

New Under the Sun: Guerrilla Droppings

Read on!People respond to seed balls. They are round, a great size in the hand, and this all makes them a great outreach and educational tool for those new to gardeners. But the seeds don't care if they are in a perfectly round ball. The cost of the seed balls...

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