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Who we are

We're a  green-agribusiness in Central Pennsylvania. Our seeds are farmed or wild-harvested by expert collectors around the country. Our seed balls matrix is engineered by soil scientist and founder, Dr. Blake Ketchum.
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We want to hear from you!

Send us your stories, suggestions, photos. Even your complaints! We care and want to hear from you.

Name: Dr. Blake Ketchum (just call me Blake)
657 Bedford St
Claysburg, PA 16625

About Dr. Ketchum

Blake has an MS in Forestry from Michigan Tech and a PhD in Soil Science from Washington State University.  Her interests include native ecosystems, soil microbiology, nutrient transport and mineral weathering, and sustainable interactions with the Earth. 

Custom Orders

  • Planning a large guerrilla garden project?
  • A wedding?
  • Have a bad back and want an easy way to plant your heirlooms?

We can help you and with rapid delivery. If we don't carry the species you have in mind, we can get it. We don't inflate our prices for custom orders, and for larger quantities, you will save money.

Refunds and Returns

We accept unopened returns within the same planting season. If you have opened your seedballs and are unhappy with them, please contact us. We will work out a suitable replacement or refund.

Because germination depends upon so many factors that are well beyond our control, we cannot guarantee that your seed balls will sprout. That said, we do want you to be happy, so please let us know about any problems that come up and we will find a suitable solution.


We absolutely will not circulate your name or contact information to a third party.