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Image Sharing

Thanks for your interest in the images at!

All the illustrations of seed balls are made by me, Dr. Blake Ketchum. You are welcome to use them for non-commercial projects like conservation, education, blogs, and so forth, just keep my signature and provide a link to this website: in digital and print media. I often use an iPad app called "paper" to make the images.

If you'd like to use a photographs that are on the site, please contact me. Many you may use freely, others I use with special permission form their owners, so please ask. I will get back with you quickly with either permission or contact information for the photograph's source, so don't hesitate to write.

If you have questions about an image, need a higher resolution version, or need clarification on our sharing policy, contact me at I'd love to hear how you make use of our images, so please drop me a line if you find them useful.